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Beta methods is a Financial engineering and consulting firm, which was founded by experienced and internationally trained professionals.

The staff of Beta methods is different by combining the strength of business acumen with legal experience and the understanding of local cultures to assist clients deliver the right results. The services could be tailored to meet sophisticated clients’ requirements. The team of Beta methods shares integrity, professionalism, responsibility and long-term relationship as values in the various missions assigned.

Our Services

Through a close collaboration with our clients, we build robust solutions within a complex turnaround environment whilst monitoring closely liquidity and risks and maintaining regular communication with stakeholders.

BETA-METHODS embarks on every mission with a precise set of actionable goals. We ensure the achievement of these targets by engaging the existing management with the implementation process. When necessary, we can also provide an operational team, led by a general manager, to replace the company management.

A- Crisis operational management restructuring

  • Global diagnosis of the company situation: analyze both causes of underperformance and stakeholder needs;
  • Construct a solution: to restore both operational and financial stability;
  • Defend stakeholder interests: e.g. shareholders, banks, management, staff, etc;
  • Accompany management in sales development, restructuring, and financial & operational plans;
  • Take operational control where necessary (general or operational management);
  • Arrange asset disposals and fundraising;
  • Monitor and measure results of implemented solutions.

B- Acquisition auditing for underperforming companies

  • Identify potential targets according to the investment strategies;
  • Define investment scope;
  • Conduct rapid, global diagnosis of company and processes;
  • Evaluate management teams and their ability to execute turnaround;
  • Validate the operational and financial feasibility of restructuring plans;
  • Guide investors in equity participation negotiations.

C- Auditing of holding companies

  • Conduct rapid, global diagnosis of company and processes;
  • Isolate the causes of business underperformance;
  • Identify risks for the company and their impact on investors;
  • Evaluate management teams and their ability to execute turnaround.

At our core, we share the fundamental desire to save businesses.

The strength of our commitment is reflected in the high success rate of our rescue missions. We work side by side with our clients during every phase of the mission, maintaining a close collaboration with management to ensure the successful implementation of an action plan.

We are committed to achieving meaningful results for our clients, and it is the reason why, we consistently refuse missions involving site closures solely benefiting the shareholders.

We are resolute in our belief that restructuring efforts must be framed within a more global rescue project involving all stakeholders, whilst including employees.

We advise strategic and financial investors on both, origination and execution of acquisitions, divestments.


We assist client to identify horizontal M&A opportunities (in-market consolidation, new market entry, market exit) as well as vertical M&A potentials (vertical integration or disintegration).

Our M&A origination engagements can be split into two distinct categories:Ad-hoc analysis and evaluation of potential targets.

We perform appraisals of targets focusing on market potential, industry dynamics, valuation, transaction rationale, risk assessment and deal structuring.

Based on our recommendations our clients can make well-informed decisions whether or not to pursue M&A transactions.

We develop a comprehensive M&A strategy covering: in-depth evaluation of markets and industries, appropriate investment criteria development, a long list of potential targets/buyers, preliminary valuations, transaction rationale and approach strategy.

B- M&A execution

We could assist client in executing both acquisitions and divestments. We believe that every M&A transaction is unique and hence demands bespoke process taking all critical factors into consideration:

Our M&A execution engagements typically cover the following activities:

  • Project management of an entire transaction,
  • Coordination of daily activities during every step of a transaction process (internal preparation, initial evaluation, non-binding offer, due diligence, binding offer, negotiation, signing and closing),
  • Coordination of clients’ internal resources and external advisors,
  • Deal tactics development,
  • Valuation and financial modeling,
  • Development of internal documentation (board presentations),
  • Negotiation assistance.

Through its team, beta methods is endowed with local expertise structured through a solid network with the Tunisian authorities and local experts and lawyers.

Our business strategy is based on the needs of our clients and our goal is to provide quality legal advice in a company context. We help clients overcome barriers and achieve their strategic and financial outcomes and at the same time ensure better protection of interest, risk reduction and regulatory compliance.

Our team of lawyers and consultants represent multinational and national clients, industrialists, commercial companies and individuals on a variety of legal issues in corporate restructuring, employment, governance.

We provide tax advice and related tax services to clients in various industries including financial services, trade, distribution, and IT sectors on income tax and corporate income tax, Added value, and update on relevant tax regulations.

Our tax advice and the regular updating of tax regulations play an important role in helping our clients to take the right decision at the right time.

International corporations would face challenges to understand the Tunisian market and the African markets such Algeria morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Islamic republic of Mauritania, in both commercial and regulatory terms.

We aim to assist clients to fill that gap.

Our market entry services cover a range of services that help the clients to do business in Tunisia in a cost effective ways through research and Due Diligence.

At beta methods, we could assist client to research and conduct compliance due diligence of target company in Tunisia.

We provide useful corporate intelligence extracted from the local press, industry contacts, and other sources.

In particular, we do assist clients to survey, interview, locate, check, investigate, verify information.

We could provide:

  • A report on a target company;
  • Background check of the company’s key officers and senior management;
  • Adverse media search of company and individual;
  • Financial information about the company;
  • Market information, competition, including sales and profit figures, and potential liabilities.

We could also provide clients with an opinion as to the viability and reliability of the company as well as an opinion on the relative strength of that company’s industry sector in target market.

The report we provide would help clients make better decision in investment, business transaction, employment or Intellectual Property matters.

We provide our clients with consultants to help them with a range of practical solutions to solve problems manage risks and unlock potential in Tunisia.

We assist the client with advisory services on strategy, operations, operations and sustainability, particularly in the following areas:

  • Administrative Formalism
  • Banking and Financial Markets
  • Industrial products
  • Oil & Gas & Solar
  • Pharmaceutical and medical
  • Real estate and property management
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Logistic transport

Islamic finance has grown strongly over the past several years and in 2013 it represents nearly $ 1800 billion of banking and financial assets, according to the article "French economy, emerging countries and sovereign wealth funds: the stakes of a new deal Financial "published in 2014 by the French Documentation.

The term Islamic finance covers all transactions and financial products in accordance with Shari'ah principles, which prohibit interest, uncertainty, speculation, prohibition on investing in sectors considered to be (Alcohol, tobacco, betting on games, etc.), as well as respect for the principle of sharing losses and profits.

Our unique Shariah compliance methodology guarantees real added value. Compliance is at the heart of your strategy and it is also the one that attracts and reassures your customers and investors.

We offer a tailor-made service that meets your needs and ensures that all company functions comply with Sharia requirements.

Our compliance and auditing services include:


Analyzing and reviewing of processes and procedures to ensure consistency with industry standards, drawing on our extensive industry experience, we can assist with the design, documentation and operation of controls to ensure the accuracy of the information used for management reporting and decision-making. We can provide assistance in both financial and operational areas such as IT, Project Management, Audit etc...


We ensure policy adherence where different techniques are used to assess Shariah non-compliance risk, operational risk and to make specific recommendations.

As market demands increase to provide a greater range and complexity of Shariah compliant products, it is even more imperative to ensure Shariah non-compliance risk is identified, assessed and mitigated by implementing the appropriate custom designed solutions. We can assist in the end-to-end process and ensure Shariah non-compliance risk is mitigated and embedded in the risk management framework of your business.


We undertake evaluation of business processes and their controls. BETA METHODS provides overall evaluation of Shariah control functions and risk management frameworks. Our services enable you to gain comfort that your systems, processes and risk management procedures are operating effectively and within a well-controlled environment.


Substantive transaction monitoring – BETA METHODS can assist you in reviewing your transactions and identifying the risks, ensuring comparability between financial institutions and establishing industry standards and best practices. We can enable you to enhance your current transactional processes to ensure consistency and robustness. Our Shariah methodology will ensure there is a full audit trail and the appropriate Management Information is available.


Shariah Audit is a crucial step in the lifecycle of an Islamic financial product. It is essential that stakeholders are reassured that the product complies with Shariah requirements, from the product launch to the maturity.

Our experts can assist you in identifying areas for improvement and implementing corrective measures to enhance processes and procedures.

By utilizing the knowledge and experience of the BETA-METHODS team you will be able to protect and enhance your brand and reputation. you will be able to protect and enhance your brand and reputation.

Beta methods provides a variety of sophisticated and understandable analyzes for law firms, corporations and government agencies to complex economic issues to help them understand the issues and opportunities they face. Our practice Economic Consulting is involved in a wide range of missions related to economics, finance and accounting. We provide critical insight and expert testimony in judicial and regulatory proceedings, strategic decision-making and public policy debates. We also have in-depth expertise in antitrust issues, mergers and acquisitions, securities litigation and risk management, valuation and international arbitration.

A- International arbitration

Under increasingly complex economic disputes, beta methods, helps companies to accomplish the necessary steps in the dispute settlement process.

Our international arbitration experts have years of experience in the industry of quantification of damages and treaties and trade arbitrations.

We provide litigation support assessment, including :

  • Determining whether an application is worth pursuing;
  • Identify correct approaches or methodologies for quantifying damage;
  • The assessment of claims in the context of past and future economic damage; And to identify the exact type of expertise, evidence and documents required.

B- Public policy

We study the impact of legislation and policy considerations on a wide range of issues facing our clients worldwide.

Our clients make complex decisions involving regulated industries and complex business arrangements, taxation and public / private partnerships that necessarily operate at the intersection of legislative, policy, regulatory and commercial considerations.

BETA-METHODS economic experts "many of whom have held positions in government and academia" have years of experience in the field that make them, able to provide economically defensible and feasible solutions to resolve competing considerations.

Questions that we consider for our clients include:

  • The effect of environmental tax policy and other regulations on competitiveness The comparative analysis of the proposed alternative policies.
  • Appropriate allocation of responsibility of regulators
  • Effects of regulations on risk sharing between different stakeholders
  • Analysis of unforeseen consequences

Our services include:

  • Strategic and Regulatory Planning
  • Evaluation of the program of political parties
  • Regulatory reform and policy
  • Analysis of bills and regulations
  • Torts
  • Forecast
  • Public-private partnerships

C- Regulatory investigations

Having been retained by both government and clients dealing with government inquiries, we have developed a reputation for offering objective and independent advice assessed by all parties. By leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the publicly funded components, we have the unique ability to process and understand large data sets. With an understanding of the systems of various institutions, we can carry out analyzes of the vast empirical detail that particular regulatory problems often require.

Our experience in this field includes assisting clients and regulators with surveys and analysis of issues such as:

  • Manipulation of financial markets
  • Insider Trading
  • Tax fraud and economic substance
  • Internal fraud
  • accounting fraud
  • Internal controls
  • White Collar Crime
  • Money laundering

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